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Making the Transition to Post Sec. Presentation- Jan.23rd

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Craigflower Planter Project-Indigenous PAINT DAY #craigflowerelementary with Andrea Fritz. @sd61schools Students learn about local indigenous art by painting spirit animals on the planters they built last week. Lots of engaged artists in the school today! https://t.co/mO9JlTIX3F SD61Careers photo

We are so grateful for our morning at DND Fleet Maintenence Facility - Cape Breton. @sd61schools, @SD62CareerEd & @sd63careers are excited to connect our students to the various #Trades opportunities in this @EsquimaltBC facility through #WorkExperience & #Apprenticeships! https://t.co/p6bfDapUVr SD61Careers photo

We are excited to create learning opportunities for our @sd61schools students by tapping into our District expertise! Thanks to our Information Technology for Learning Department & IT Support Team for having @Esqhigh’s Kenan begin 30 hours of shadowing & exploration! #sd61learn https://t.co/bPiNaBQBBx SD61Careers photo

Any @sd61schools students interested in learning more about Quantum Computing - check out this FREE two-day workshop over Spring Break! Thanks @hightech_u, @callysto_canada & @UVicECS for this awesome opportunity! #sd61learn https://t.co/y7TzwUvr1O
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HighTechU @hightech_u
Hey #VancouverIsland youth👋Want to get hands-on experience with the next generation of computing?

Check out our #FREE 2-Day Quantum Computing Workshop taking place March 21-22, made possible by @callysto_canada and @UVicECS

Register today at https://t.co/VNnvbjcdZh https://t.co/lNU3rixWtL

Thank you @vikingairltd for yet another fascinating day for our @sd61schools students to tour, learn, observe, & build. You’ve enlightened & inspired the next generation about the #Aviation pathway. #sd61learn https://t.co/LK1HnCUWSF SD61Careers photo

Look at the smiles! We are so proud of our @sd61schools #TASK program students who inspired #CraigflowerElementary students today with Day 1 of 3 of the Planter Project. Build day was a success. Watch out @ita_youth - our future #Carpenters are getting ready. https://t.co/8lw004Zq1v SD61Careers photo
Pathways & Partnerships

Welcome to Pathways & Partnerships

The SD61 Pathways & Partnerships team supports K – 12 students in becoming successful and resilient educated citizens.

We are passionate about offering Career Education opportunities that help students make connections and transitions between classroom learning, post-secondary training, and the world of work.

Thank you to our partners.