Elementary Schools

Bonnie Alexander, SD61 Career Education Coordinator

As the SD61 Career Education Coordinator for elementary schools, I am passionate about sharing the impact that career education can have on the lives of young people. Students start to make assumptions about their suitability to work as early as elementary school. Exposing students to a diverse range of people who do different jobs broadens aspirations and increases motivation at school. We know that children can’t be what they can’t see!

The SD61 Pathways & Partnerships team is committed to offering students engaging opportunities to explore the world of work. From hosting “Guess My Job” and “Redrawing the Balance” events at schools to developing Career Explorer Workbooks that meet the BC Education curriculum. The future work world needs empathetic, innovative, and collaborative thinkers. By putting Tool Trolleys in elementary schools and Maker Centres in elementary libraries, we ensure that teachers have the tools they need to offer extraordinary experiences to their students.