PowerPlay Young Entrepreneur

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneur students develop a product and business plan, conduct market research, complete marketing and branding exercises, and launch their products for sale at a final showcase. This Canada-wide educational movement empowers young people with the skills and entrepreneurial thinking needed to help them succeed in our rapidly changing world. SD61 Pathways & Partnerships proudly sponsors the program in SD61 elementary and middle schools.

Click here if you are a SD61 middle school teacher and would like to attend this Pro D day opportunity. Space is limited.

Please contact Bonnie Alexander for details. balexander@sd61.bc.ca.

“The PowerPlay program was so well thought out and easy to follow plan that allows these wonderful grade 6 students to experience what it is like to think outside the box of traditional schooling. Incorporating math, social studies, art, and possibly science and language arts all into one project is motivating to students who like to see the “reason” for doing the work they have been asked to do.

When the students were invited to the board office for the all-day event, Matt came away excited and motivated by all that he had learned. It was fun and energizing! So well organized and so educational. The mentoring idea was a real hit. The final showcase at the Parkside Hotel was a wonderful culminating event. The kids loved practising their public speaking with “real” entrepreneurs! The positive energy and encouraging statements towards the kids were powerful.” Parent of student from Monterey Middle School.